Welcome to Three Peaks, Five Trains!

A semi-unique endurance challenge which combines the conquering the National 3 Peaks and
the logistical nightmare of the British Rail Network – solo!.

Estimated: Late August – Early September (due to injury)
4 days. 3 Peaks. 2 legs. 1 goal.

You may ask why?
The answer is simple. To have a challenge and to help raise some money for charity!

3 Peaks means 3 charities –
all of which mean something to me and probably others as well.
Why not scroll down and read why I have chosen these three and if you are feeling generous, donate a few pennies!

Want to follow the adventure and the prep,
scroll even further and look at the blog posts!

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike is England’s tallest mountain and is peak one this adventure.

Fresh faced and bushy tailed – not so much. A 6am start to proceedings for the train to the Lake District followed by a 7-9 hour hike into the Lake District wilderness is not for the faint of heart. Nothing like starting the challenge at the deep end.

Ben Nevis
Stroke Association

Ben Nevis is Scotland’s tallest mountain and probably the most remote.

With the first long hike in the legs followed by the long journey north, I expect Ben Nevis to be the toughest challenge being the tallest peak and furthest away from home. No turning back now.

National Tremor Foundation

Third, we have the Welsh contribution with Snowdon – which after climbing the previous two and sleeping on a train, I may be crawling up it!

Last but not least – the final peak will be undertaken after a overnight trip on a train, an early rise and crossing the Welsh/English border all before breakfast. The legs will be tired. The body will ache. It will be mind over matter or maybe pure adrenaline and the prospect of my own bed that conquers this one.

Follow the adventure

The Postponement

So close and yet so far…. As you can gather from the title of this entry, I have annoyed myself and postponed my adventure. There is a very simple reason for this: I am not 100%. On Saturday (19th) my lower back had a strong muscle spasm, which left me on strong pain killers throughoutContinue reading “The Postponement”

The Lake District

I used the Late Spring Bank Holiday to go tackle some proper hills and get some proper walking into the legs given my planned strolls are traversing some rather unforgiving territory. The plan was simple – do some decent walks, climb some decent height and see how we did for pace. Saturday was a 22kmContinue reading “The Lake District”

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